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African Grey Male X4 years old

Loves the ladies, do not live in a cage, have a "pedicure" every 5 months. And tells you when he was naughty(Patat is stout stout stout)

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 2/3 year old Male & Female Bearded Dragon. Male(Angel) & Female (Fiona), they love swimming and "tanning".





Latest addition, our Rooster making sure every one gets up in time every morning. His first crow sounded very "croaky" but he is a fast leaner.




Sam & Sue


Our Chinchilla pair, very social loving animals, eagerly awaiting their first pups. Real love story, the female(Sue) escaped and a week later came back for Sam!






Pixie keeps all the other animals entertained. playing with the kittens the birds other puppies, keeping them in their "place" !




The local "Guard Dog" , he just lays around and welcomes everyone. He is a senior citizen just enjoying life.





Photo Gallery

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