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- 2012-02-09

Our latest arrivals are 1 week old bearded dragons , black baby gerbils , and baby iguanas !!! ... more

Tarantula 2012 Calender - 2011-10-25

Tarantula 2012 calender - Beautifull FULL colour Gloss , 12 Species Calender , pictures and descriptions So vived you can even frame them !!! ALL for ONLY R400 INLC ................. The March Tarantula sling !!!! Book your Calender NOW !  Makes a great gift ! Limited stock.... more

Boerrie Rolls - 2011-10-25

Boerrie Rolls sold every Saterday!! Kiddies playing with the animals in the petshop(Global Pets), Men in the fish& Tackle shop(Dips & Doepas) and the Ladies shopping for plants in the nursery(Sunray Nursery) SO something for EVERYONE !!!!!!!  ... more